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Krampus comic

Krampus is a comic book project still work in progress. About 120 pages, colour.

A winter fairy tale about a girl who met a group of strange horned monsters that steal food from her village. Therefore the villagers start to have fear of those unknown thieves, and the atmosphere became more and more dark, while a strange monk figure encourage this situation.

A story about xenophoby, settings on the dolomites in the early XV century. It is based on a real tradition, still celebrated today in the oriental alpine arc.


The protagonist: Anneke.

She is the hountmaster’s daughter, she is curious, brave and speak quite directly

The krampus

A group of horned teaves who steal the winter food stock of the village. They live in a cave on the top of the mountain near the Anneke’s village

The coprotagonist: Peter

the bigger krampus. He is quite a brat

Knecht ruprect

He is the personification of fear. He follow the krampus and take control of all the villages they stole.




The krampus chief

in the deepest part of the krampus cave there is a very big, dark creature


The church


The village in different hours


Comic pages, from page 1 to page 6.